Rapid ROI

IMPak offers perhaps the best and fastest return on investment of any AMS on the market today. Flexible, affordable, and all-inclusive, ISSI’s IMPak delivers premium-level functionality and reliability at a fraction of the price – and in about half the time – of the other AMS''s.


Lower Cost of Entry

A lower initial price is only part of the ROI equation. Other AMS companies charge a recurring license fee. With IMPak, once you purchase a product, you own a license to use the software. (If you prefer, ISSI will also work out monthly fees to help minimize the up-front cost of the software.)

IMPak’s all-inclusive packaging also significantly lowers costs by eliminating expensive “add-ons.” (Other vendors sell add-on after add-on to get you a complete AMS.) IMPak is all-inclusive and ready for immediate installation. This also greatly reduces modifications and customization expenses. In fact, more than 90% of our customers can implement IMPak right out of the box.

Faster Deployment/Faster Return

Great products are a great start, but every association is different, with unique offerings and capabilities. The ISSI Methodology accelerates deployment and minimizes any learning curve. Where many competitors require a year or longer to deploy, ISSI will have the largest association up and running in 2 to 3 months. ISSI experts work closely with your staff, from the initial review process through the conversion and installation and post installation phases of each project, to ensure you get greater value, faster.

Or with IMPak Cloud you could be using the system tomorrow.

Greater Functionality/Accelerated Productivity

Functionality is another way IMPak accelerates ROI. Designed by association executives for association executives, IMPak makes it easy to get data in, and information out... securely and simply. Fewer clicks, faster results. There may be shinier, glossier interfaces out there, but when it comes to functionality, ISSI has the competition beat hands down.

ISSI’s goal is to make the same high-tech management capabilities enjoyed by larger business entities affordable for smaller organizations. While IMPak can easily handle even the largest membership organization, it is also the recommended solution for small to mid-size associations. In fact, more than 90% of our customers can implement IMPak right out of the box.


Why wait?

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