An integrated accounting package, designed specifically for membership organizations can save you more than money, it can save you time, members, guesswork and headaches. Errors, mistakes and inconsistencies between management software and accounting can create significant, time-consuming distractions for association leadership and uncertainty amongst members, vendors, employees... and auditors.

Conversely, up to the moment financial reports provide management with the information needed for decision-making. The right software minimizes human-error, reduces costs and may even help highlight new opportunities for increasing revenue. Particularly during challenging economic times, strong, proactive management provides an essential competitive edge.

ISSI’s exclusive APak is completely integrated with IMPak and built from the ground-up specifically for the unique financial requirements of member-based organizations. Audit-ready, CFO-friendly APAK contains everything needed to manage the General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets processes.

APak is comprised of the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Fixed Assets and user-defined Financial Statements modules. Accounts Payable passes information directly to the General Ledger as well to minimize data entry and maintain integrity. Information generated by IMPak can be used to update the data in the General Ledger without re-entering any data and provides an audit trail originating with the primary source entries.

The IMPak/APak solution is an integrated solution that provides association executives unprecedented insight into, and control over, their organization’s financial well-being.


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