Trade Associations

At ISSI we work with trade association everyday not only as an association database company, but also as a partner to optimize the use of the database, accounting tools, website, reporting matrix and mobile applications.    We want to make sure that you have the tools that you need to effectively manage your members and their needs.  Through the IMPak product you will be able to have all of your members’ information at your fingertips. 

There are many features of the IMPak database that will make it the tool that you will never know how you lived without:

360 View of Your Members

In each record you will be able to see each interaction that member had with your organization.  Are they a member?  How many individuals work for the member?  Do they have branches or other locations attached to their record?  Did individuals from this member organization attend a meeting, join a committee or contribute money to a PAC?  All of this information is available in one localized area.

Membership Flexibility

Add, renew and cancel your members with ease.  Direct them to the online web forms to renew or join since all changes you make on the staff side are automatically updated to the web.  Do you use a single or multiple matrix for dues?  No worry, IMPak can handle even the most complicated of dues structures with ease right out of the box!

Invoice Tracking

Do you need to send an invoice to a member who just called to get a reprint?  You can easily send an invoice or receipt via email or print one out to send via mail.  Track all of the invoices that your members still have open to pay, even if it is for the membership of another branch or individual membership.   

On Demand

IMPak’s virtual solution allows you to access the database from any computer as long as you have access to the internet.  The online member pages also give your members the ability to view/update their information online such as profiles, renewals, meeting registration just to name a few.  Plus, with the mobile applications and social networking features accessing information has never been easier!




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