At ISSI we know that donor management is essential to Foundations.  With IMPak you can track contributions each person or organization makes, as well as campaigns, setting goals for your contribution funds and campaigns, and tracking the success of each.  This is all done while receiving the benefits of the rest of the system so that you do not have to purchase other third party products to handle special events you might have, donor communications, or sponsorships.  We know how important every fundraising dollar is to you and it is our goal to give you one package to utilize all of your needs so that you are getting the best ROI. 


Easily process pledges for any amount and any time period.  Send out invoices for payment and track fulfillment of pledges by donors.  

360 View of Your Donors

How many contributions has a particular donor made over the past five years? Have they responded to any of the email solicitations that have been sent out or attended any of the fundraising events recently? All of this information is available in one localized area as well as easily accessible through reports, charts and queries.  

Financial Management

IMPak boasts seamless integration between your contributions, donation, pledges and invoices.  It also provides on-demand invoice printing, general ledger tracking, and cash management.  Whether you are accrual or cash based IMPak can handle your financial requirements.  

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